An Insuperable Nostalgia

My rather hurried effort to capture and put into words the quintessential feelings – environmentally, physically and emotionally – of what were those dark, complex Winter days in 2007 walking home from University while living in Russia.

Drifted snow, black ice

Winter chokes my face, fingers numb

A Norse-like grip stunts 3pm into silence

Muffled frenzy

Heart still beating,

And encircle each strand of frost-nipped hair

Birds above soar swallowed up by the gray,

And scattering, aimless, as if to say:

Southward flight isn’t an option – just survive, survive somehow, somehow until Spring’s near…

Swirling atmospheric gloom

Stony-faces glares glaring out of mink chapki

And haughty silver-fox’ strut briskly on by…

And yet my heart beatsbeatsbeatsbeatsbeats

Despite this January life…

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